Classico rugs took the initiative of bringing the art of classic handcrafted rugs from Asia to the heart of the UK. Today we have successfully expanded our business and helped thousands of clients furnish their room with the most perfect rug for their room. However, we still have our studios and advise open for customers who need traditionally handcrafted rugs for their place.

Connect with our experts

We have a panel of experts having 60 plus years of experience in the rug-making industry. Our specialists are capable of assisting you throughout your rug selection process. From picking the best material to determining the perfect size for your rug, our rug experts can do all. Moreover, you do not need to come to our location for the advice because our experts would personally get back to you on your request.

Get the advice in that particular room

Upon your request, our home consultation specialists can come to your place to inspect the room you want to furnish with a rug. Our experts can analyse the space you want to occupy and suggest the most appropriate shape and size to decorate it. This home consultation service is exclusively offered to facilitate our customers unlike others.

Booking a home consultation

To make sure the day and time reserved for home consultation suits both the parties we encourage pre-booking. You can fill in the form available on our website to request a home consultation visit by our expert. In the form, you can mention the most feasible dates for you in the upcoming days so that our experts can pick one that resonates with you.

Home consultation by Classico rugs saves your precious time and the advice of our experts would satisfy your needs without having to leave your home.